Angle of Incidence

Kate Nichols

February 3rd – March 11th | 2017

Opening Reception | February 10th | 6-9pm

Artist Talk | March 11th | 2pm


BCG is pleased to present Angle of Incidence, featuring new work by Kate Nichols. Trained in the tradition of classical painting, Nichols development and exploration of materials and techniques is foundational to her practice. In this exhibition, Nichols brings together paintings, photograms and found-object sculpture. Channeling the historical role of artist-as-scientist, Nichols pieces investigate the interrelationship between vision, perception and light. In doing so, Nichols also takes on the role of alchemist—transforming coal, glass, foil, bacteria-generated cellulose and silver nanoparticles into transcendent experiments investigating the transience of sight.

Angle of Incidence Press Release

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