Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we write to let you know that we have lost our lease, and with the conclusion of 2017, Black Crown Gallery will be closing. Though this is the end of our run at our current location, we are hoping to continue the work we have begun here, including our curatorial work at other locations, along with the possibility of re-opening at another location. As we close this door for the last time, we are filled with gratitude—for the wonderful and talented artists we have been so fortunate to work with, the love and support we have received from the many friends and family who have visited the space, and the wonderful sense of community that we have felt develop in the short time we have been open. We are especially grateful to Eric and Heather, who by welcoming us into the garage of their home, allowed Black Crown Gallery to become a reality.

Our time in this space has been overwhelmingly positive, filled with engaging and inspiring artworks, insightful artist talks, and enjoyable events. Thank you all, we truly and deeply appreciate everything that you have done to make this a uniquely rewarding experience through which we have learned and grown. We will see you again soon.

with love,

Christopher Nickel & Chrissy Cano


Black Crown Gallery